Hon. Michael Jordan (Ret. Judge)

Judge Michael Jordan serves as a neutral, doing business as Mediation & Arbitration Services. He served nearly 26 years as a judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, hearing almost every type of case. He has served under the Illinois Supreme Court’s Annexed Arbitration program and Supreme Court authorized mediation programs; the mediation panel of the US Bankruptcy Court; the mediation program of the Decalogue Society of Lawyers; arbitration and mediation panels of FINRA, formerly NASD Dispute Regulation, now Financial Industry Regulatory Authority; the arbitration panel for the National Futures Association; the National Mediation Board arbitration panels for railroad labor and employment disputes including various Public Law Boards: 6942, 6982, 7000, 7031, 7039, and 7054 and others including SBA1063; the labor arbitration panels for the City of Chicago and the Fraternal Order of Police and for the State of Illinois and AFSME, Council 31, the Teamsters Union, Local 916, the Illinois Federation of Public Employees, and the Illinois Nurses Association. He has served on the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board’s Mediation Roster and the Illinois State Board of Education arbitration panel for discharge of tenured teachers. He has served on the Illinois Public Employee Mediation/Arbitration Roster for the Illinois Labor Relations Board for mediation, grievance arbitration, fact-finding, interest arbitration, and grievance mediation. He is a certified mediation panel member for foreclosure cases in Lake County’s 19th Judicial Circuit as well as their general mediation and small claims mediation programs. He is a listed mediator for Du Page County. In Cook County, in addition to the general major case mediation program, he is an arbitrator for the Commercial Mandatory Arbitration program. He is a panel arbitrator for the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. His experience also includes service on various regular and expedited geographic labor arbitration panels for the United States Postal Service and its unions. He has served on the Federal Aviation Administration and National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) air controller arbitration panel.


Self employed independent contractor currently or formerly affiliated with various providers and panels including: Decalogue Society of Lawyers Voluntary Mediation Program; Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service panel arbitrator; Illinois Supreme Court Mandatory Arbitration Programs in the Circuit Court of Cook County and 19th Judicial Circuit (Lake County) and Cook, Lake and DuPage Counties’ mediation panels; FINRA, formerly NASD, on both arbitration and mediation panels for securities and labor cases and the National Futures Association arbitration panel; Northwestern Hospital mediation panel; ADR Systems of America, arbitration and mediation panels; AMCC Arbitration Mediation Conciliation Center, arbitration and mediation panels; National Arbitration Forum arbitration panel; Resolute Systems arbitration and mediation panels; Island Arbitration Mediation of Long Island; United States Bankruptcy Court - Northern District of Illinois - Mediation Panel; United States Postal Service and American Postal Workers Union, National Association of Letter Carriers, and National Postal Mail Handlers Union, all AFL-CIO, expedited and regular arbitration panels; National Mediation Board arbitration panels; National Arbitration and Medication arbitration and mediation panels; Umpire in property damage claim disputes; State of Illinois Central Management Service arbitration panels with AFSME, Council 31, the Teamsters Union, Local 916, the Illinois Federation of Public Employees, and the Illinois Nurses Association; FAA-NATCA, air controller arbitration panel; the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board’s roster for mediation, arbitration, and fact finding. He is a panel labor and commercial arbitrator and general panel mediator for AAA (American Arbitration Association).

Judge Jordan has almost 26 years of judicial service in a court of unlimited jurisdiction.

Judge Officiated Weddings for the Chicagoland Area

Finding the right person to preside at your wedding ceremony or civil union is one of the most important decisions you will make while planning your your big day. Do you want a former judge to officiate at your ceremony?

I am Judge Michael Jordan, “the wedding Judge.” I served as a judge in Chicagoland for over 25 years and have performed hundreds of wedding ceremonies. As of June 1, 2011 I officiate at civil unions. I personalize each ceremony because each couple is special.

Please look over the materials here and discover how your ceremony can be special for you. There is helpful information about obtaining your marriage license or civil union license.

When you are ready, contact me to discuss your wedding plans.

I look forward to celebrating your special day.

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